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Measure HH is too big for Beverly Hills!

Measure HH allows the developer to build a new 26-story, 375 foot tower
– The tallest building in Beverly Hills by more than double
– Taller than almost every building on the Wilshire Corridor

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No City Review, No City Oversight, No Voice for Residents

While every major project in Beverly Hills has been required to follow the same rules, Measure HH allows its developer to avoid all of the City’s standard review processes.

That means:

  • No Planning Commission review and modification
  • No Architectural Commission review and modification
  • No City Council review, modification and approval
  • No public comment or input

Measure HH sets a bad precedent and opens the door to developers who want to just skip past the City’s strict environmental review process.

The Facts About Measure HH

Measure HH (Hilton Tower Initiative) just combines an 8 story building with an 18 story building.
Measure HH creates a 375 foot high skyscraper, which would be the tallest building in Beverly Hills, more than twice the height of the next tallest building in Beverly Hills. (Measure HH, page 6)
Measure HH creates a new 1.7 acre “public garden”.
Measure HH adds only 26,616 square feet more open space from the already-approved 2008 project. That’s a meager 0.61 of an acre. Measure HH also allows the developer to close the so-called “public garden” whenever it wants to hold a paid party or event. (Measure HH, pages 2 & 6)
Measure HH has the same environmental requirements as the current project.
Measure HH removes the requirement to use graywater (recycled water) in the Waldorf Astoria and condominiums, reducing its environmental sustainability. Graywater will only be used for outdoor landscape purposes. This means more total water use during a time when everyone else is conserving water. (Measure HH, page 4)
There will be no impacts to the residential neighbors to the north.
There are many unstudied impacts. One example: The Hilton Pool is moving to the roof of the new Conference Center across from homes on Wilshire. There will be no City restrictions on loud music or hours of operation that other hotel rooftops such as the Peninsula have. This means late-night loud pool parties near our homes. (Measure HH, pages 6 & 7)
Measure HH has sufficient parking.
Beyond the new private event space, there are 10 new “staff units” in the condominium tower. No one knows how many parking spaces will be needed without an environmental report. Where will all these new cars park? (Measure HH, page 3)
A covenant will make the “open space” permanent.
The developer could have made this part of Measure HH. Instead, they maintain complete control over the Hilton “private gardens”. They can even build an office building or retail stores on the “open space.”
There will be 2-hour free parking for Beverly Hills residents to use the “garden”.
There is nothing in Measure HH about 2-hour free parking for residents.
Measure HH will generate millions of new dollars for the City.
There is nothing in Measure HH that guarantees new money to the City or our schools. By using a loophole, the developer avoids negotiations with the City, thereby keeping all the gigantic windfall profits the new skyscraper will generate while our City and schools get pennies.

How Tall is the Measure HH Tower?

The Hilton Tower is 375 feet tall!

More than 3 times the height of the Statue of Liberty!


Taller than almost every building on the Wilshire Corridor!

Bird’s Eye Rendering looking East

More than double the height of any building in Beverly Hills!

Not a public garden

The meager 0.61 of an acre Measure HH adds to the already approved garden is not controlled by the City and is not a true public garden.

According to Measure HH, the private garden:

“. . . shall generally be open to the public,
. . . as determined by the property owner.
(Measure HH, page 4)

That’s not a public garden. It’s a gigantic new event space for The Beverly Hilton.

It will be closed for private events whenever they choose to close it.

Nothing in Measure HH requires their new private spaces to always be open to the public.

The Truth about Measure HH in its own words

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